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Keynote: Lessons Learned Live Coding in Public
Gary HockinStaff Developer Evangelist @ Twilio
Part of my job as a Developer Evangelist means I spend a lot of time live coding publicly. Mainly this is on the live-streaming platform Twitch, but also at conferences, customer training, and demos. Because my job doesn't involve all coding all the time, a lot of the things I end up coding are either incredibly complex, incredibly simple, or even throw-away. I've done so much live coding in public that it's skewed my programming reality to a wondrous degree. Join me in this session as I relay habits I've learned to help myself with my project-hopping ways, tools I turn to again and again, and just how many times I've managed to reveal a live API key to a live-coding audience.

Your Tests Won't Save You
Chris Hartjes

Coffee break

The Right API for the Job
Rob Allen

Docs or it didn't happen
Milana Cap

Lunch break

Fantastic functions and where to find them
Freek Van Der Herten

Tuning PHPStan to Maximum Strictness
Ondrej Mirtes

Coffee break

How I sliced your app
Marco Pivetta

Living the Best Life on a Legacy Project
James Titcumb

Happy Hour

Check-in and Welcome Coffee

Opening by GrUSP

Keynote: Never stop learning, or how curiosity and cross pollination drives innovation
Pauline VosFreelance software engineer & consultant
Software developers all know: continual learning is part of the job. And that's what so many of us love about it. Innovation is constant, and it's an exciting challenge to keep up with so many new technologies. But where do all these new concepts, frameworks, and patterns come from? Let's take a journey through the history of innovation to explore how different worlds collided to inspire new, radical ideas. Let's discover how cross-pollination has helped our community grow into what it is now, and can help us think of new ways to solve complex problems. Join us for a session of inspirational stories that illustrate how cross-pollination has helped form some of history's most profound innovations, and will hopefully inspire you to conjure up your own radical new ideas.

Web API and client generation using OpenAPI specification
Enrico Zimuel

Coffee break

Introducing PEST — a delightful PHP Testing Framework
Nuno Maduro

How to build a test suite from scratch
Armando CaprioTobia Zanarella

Lunch break

PHP + ES + CQRS + DDD = ? An integrated strategy
Alessandro Lai

PSR-18: Abstracting HTTP clients in PHP
David Buchmann

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Keynote: PHP's Kitchen Nightmares
Stefan KoopmanschapCo-Founder @ Ingewikkeld
Remember the Kitchen Nightmares TV show? Chef Ramsay visiting restaurants that are struggling, and telling them how to improve, but in the process you see all the bad things happening? Let's head into our development kitchen and look at things that can go wrong, and figure out how to improve.

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